Galerie Tiere 1 2015

The Owl Tree

Came to Ranch to attend a workshop in early June and was told first evening that there were young owls with their mother in particular tree on the ranch.

So next morning set off early to find the tree near the chapel and approaching saw the back of a big adult owl. There were already other observers and they motioned me to approach from another side which I did slowly, silently, watching my steps, hoping not to disturb the big bird. It felt like entering another magic territory, a sacred spacetime.


And there she sat on a branch in the morning light, huge ,majestic  silent without any motion except her big yellow eyes scanning us, standing below, one after the other, each of our movements was noticed and observed, we only whispered and didn’t dare to speak loudly, slow movements when walking seemed appropriate.


No signs of the young ones, not to be seen hidden away in their tree.

Every day from now on we were walking to the owl tree at different times of the day and the word was spread. Others started asking have you seen the owls today or where are they.

The second morning being out there very early the two young owls were sitting on the outer parts of their tree, graceful, still, curious, each movement on the street, each noise followed up by their big yellow eyes turning their heads in strange positions to be able to see every detail. They were already big but still very fluffy in their feather dress; from time to time they combed though their feathers removing the fluffy ones that snowed down from their tree covering the grass around with light brown/white flakes, whirled up and played with by the wind.


Eule4Eule3   Eule5

Have you seen the young owls became the question asked again and again?

Worry the next morning, when the young ones missed, didn’t show up and relief in the afternoon when they could be seen in a lower tree near their owl tree mother nearby, supervising.

Next morning no owls again, so the question arose are they gone, now that they were able to leave the owl tree?  Leaving us wandering around, circling the nearby trees searching for a sign of them.

So the next days passed on, a pilgrimage each day at various hours to the owl tree and looking for them…..relief when seeing them, their intense gaze at us as though looking deep within us, conveying their wisdom in some ways without words…. Beyond words.

Eule6  Eule7


Each day they expanded their magic territory in the presence and under observation of their mother and in a very similar sense we did the same during those days…growing in a sacred, protected space, each of us like the young owls, spreading their feathers, cleaning them, becoming ready to fly, flying larger and larger distances from the owl tree to other trees, still being in contact with the mother, making sure everything was alright.

Then the day came to leave, no owl again to be seen, half of the owl observers had already left flying to their new trees further away taking some of the magic with them.


©Barbara Hellfritz 2013

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